Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Decadence of Youth

I began this decade as a nice bright kid , just beginning college in the cowboy heartland of India. It was the end of 1999, Y2K was biting us , Indian economy was just beginning to come out of a prolonged slump, being pulled up the Internet frenzy.

Cricket was huge and Karan Johar and Adi chopra were at the peak of their prowess.I had just opened my email account.I welcomed the millennium without discovering the joys and vices of alcohol.Azhar was a cricketer and Farhan akhtar a director then. I cut my hair short after Dil Chahta Hai. Pity it never grew back.I had a lot more hair and a lot more hope.I wanted to start chicken roll shops.

Its been 10 long years since then and quite a roller coaster journey .

The teens have ended and i will be at the doorstep of thirties when the new decade begins.

That's been the journey of my waistline,

Quizzing and Jogging
are now just pastimes,

but my journey is the tale of this storyline

Downhill .
that's been my story with my hairline,

Uphill .
has been my struggle with love line.

but it seems to have hit the correct rhyme.

My Job
keeps moving me in elliptical paths like tramlines

East of India
is where i have come back from time to time

but the best part of my life have been the places where i have got to dine

School and college
appears like some era Byzantine,

These days,
Its all all about office from morning nine to nine

but what i like the most,is the friends i made during my working time

Is what i seem to be getting to at a slow incline

My Youth
Is what seems to be in a fast decline,

and in six months it will be time to turn a very happy twenty nine.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

prusty u need to smoke a doobie!

5:18 AM  
Blogger Preyoshi said...

Don't worry, youth is wasted on the young. Take it from a 23 year old who is busy wasting hers!

5:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4:23 PM  
Blogger sarfarazkhan said...

Nice post Tanmay...
Interesting Read!!!

12:35 AM  

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